Offshore/Remote Catering Services

Being in an extreme, remote or hostile environment means it’s usually pretty difficult to pop out for a sandwich or pizza. In fact it’s almost certain that your diet is totally in the hands of the camp solutions provider.

Whether you are at a construction site in the depths of a jungle, hundreds of miles offshore on a rig, in a remote military base or miles from running water on frozen tundra, GSS can provide a full catering service to meet your exact requirements.

People working in extreme environments are especially appreciative of services that improve their quality of life, that’s why GSS maintains the highest standards of hospitality services for our camp solutions. We are committed to taking care of employees by providing a well-balanced and nutritional diet.

GSS was created to provide a cost effective and practical solution to on-site catering needs. Be it mobile catering, building site catering or even portable canteens we ensure that construction sites have good quality food and refreshments available at the times they are needed and have found this to be beneficial to both staff and employers alike. Many of the places that we service require remote site catering and operate out of normal working hours. Obviously the requirement to provide suitable facilities for staff is essential and we have a range of services designed to fit any location or site type.